Play the “Efficiency Card” of provincial and School Cooperation to Leverage the “New Fulcrum” of Cultural Tourism Development

2022-06-03 0 By

Legal news from yuncheng in shanxi (XiGuoDong Zizi) province, since the school collaboration research ministry branch bureau of deepening cooperation between colleges and strengthen the production with the marriage, is focused on the comprehensive work to promote the development of high quality matrix, closely around creating well-known tourist structing target positioning, development of new formats, identify new potential, promote new advantages and activate the momentum,To further play the “efficiency card” of provincial and university cooperation, achieve results from cooperation, add momentum to development, and leverage the cultural and tourism industry to develop “new fulcrum”.Bronze culture in shanxi engineering technology research center and the central academy of fine arts, tsinghua university academy of fine arts, shanxi university academy of fine arts, such as 9 universities cooperation, for their own development orientation, adhere to the use for this, improve relief of efficiency, and deepen cooperation of scenic spots, the r&d yunchen unique local characteristics, create products “hometown of guan gong – the duke guan statue” has achieved a new breakthrough.In manufacturing technology, work with university talents as “consultants”.Promote the transformation and upgrading of core technologies, such as 3D scanning, 3D printing and CNC three-axis processing technology, and implement them. Make bronze models of cultural and tourism products with high standards, precision and quality, and ensure that products have excellent technology and quality.In surface coloring, invite university talents as “staff”.Give full play to the main role of talents, invite to participate in the cultural and tourism product coloring process, fully listen to the modification and improvement suggestions, reflect the deep integration of skills.In the aspect of modelling design, push university talent to hang “coach”.Combined with “loyalty RenYong” spirit, give full play to the unique aesthetic perspective and composition art talents in universities and colleges ideation, renew and keeps improving through reforms, creating unique souvenirs, broad market operation, true through “small bronze” speak good hedong “big history”, inheriting the hedong “ancient culture”, continue to polish signboard “the duke guan”,We will promote the construction of a strong county with cultural and tourism industry.Responsible editor: Liu Zhaolin