Sixth man in team history!It’s up to him to shake off doubts about the no. 1 pick and rebuild the pistons

2022-06-03 0 By

The Pistons didn’t have a great record this season, but they didn’t have nothing to gain, and the acquisition of Cunningham, the no. 1 pick in the draft, is significant for the pistons to rebuild.After a questionable start to the season, Cunningham began to find his stride and was named Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month in the latest rookie of the Month voting, becoming the sixth pistons player to do so.When the Pistons selected Cunningham with the no. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft, Cunningham was seen as a rebuilding hope.While the 2021 draft is expected to be a big one, Cunningham is the most heavily favored player in that class.But after the regular season began, Cunningham didn’t show up in time and didn’t have the statistical value to be the no. 1 overall pick.Coupled with the pistons’ poor record, Cunningham also received a lot of skepticism.Cunningham, for his part, knew he needed to adapt his college game to the small-ball game after becoming a professional player.Shooting isn’t Cunningham’s strong suit, though, and the Pistons aren’t always a perimeter team.After overshooting, Cunningham lost his rhythm on both ends of the floor.Fortunately, Cunningham recognized his problems in time, and the Pistons coaching staff made tactical adjustments for Cunningham.Cunningham is now taking fewer shots from beyond the 3-point line, instead taking shots from the outside in transition.More often than not, Cunningham would use his penetration to drive to the basket and create more opportunities for his teammates to score, so Cunningham’s performance on the court became better and better.Cunningham is the most impressive rookie in terms of basketball talent, despite early season doubts and solid performances by Green, Giddy, cutton Mobley and others.Cunningham, as a guard, has high training value in tactical command ability and field control ability, and his personal scoring ability is also unmatched.In terms of leadership, Cunningham also showed a poise unlike other rookies.The Pistons have the worst record in the Eastern Conference, but Cunningham is ready for every game and focused on the court.As an NBA team, the Pistons can’t always lose big, but Cunningham has stepped up to help them out when the game is on the line, which is what a leader should do.Entering the second half of the season, the competition for major awards is becoming more and more intense, and Cunningham is back at the top of the rookie list after a slow start to the season.Despite the pistons’ disappointing record, rookie of the year is more about individual talent, and Cunningham will continue to play consistently in the second half of the season as he adjusts to the pace of the NBA game.