Voice of Women | Community children’s Park helps people solve problems

2022-06-03 0 By

Taking the “great Party building” as an opportunity, Wusitang Boyi Community, Yecheng County, Kashgar prefecture, innovated service measures, improved service functions, and played the role of “children’s home” as a bridge between “school, family and community”.On February 10, a reporter saw a dozen children borrowing books from the library room in the children’s home. Nine-year-old Gulinazir Maihemuti was reading the book “Chinese” and reciting it with the instructors and teachers.”I especially like the children’s Playground library,” she said. “I can read a lot of books here, learn knowledge that is not available in school, and meet a lot of small friends. I am very happy.”Most of the residents of Wustang Boi community in Kakeleke town are businessmen or migrant workers, and the residents leave home early and leave home at night without taking care of their children.After the community to understand the situation, the establishment of children’s playground library, so that the area of the children “small entertainment, entertainment gains”.Nine-year-old Yusupjiang Abdusemati learned to sing and dance at the children’s home. He also took his homework to the library, where teachers helped him where he couldn’t. He was especially happy this holiday season.Buaciguli Turofu said: “I really appreciate the community family, the first thing children do when they go home is to play with their mobile phones, since the library, they put down their mobile phones every day, but also know a lot of children, personality has become more cheerful.”For the children who come to study, the community also designated tutors and library managers, optimize the service model, actively carry out extracurricular activities and visit the community science and technology room and other activities, to build a bridge of love for the healthy growth of children.The reporter saw that the community children’s playground library set up a popular science education room, red scarf small classroom, painting room and multimedia room and all kinds of books more than 3000 volumes.Community party general branch secretary Liu Meifang told reporters that the library will carry out all kinds of rich activities every month, to provide high-quality services for the area of children.Yecheng Rong Media Center, All Media reporter: Reyhanguri Stick source/Yecheng Zero Distance editor/Aymunisa Tosun