Winter Olympic village food how top?Dutch beauty plant grass malatang hot Norwegian boy said to gain 10 catties

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Dutch athletes taste the winter Olympics village malatang overseas network February 7, the Beijing Winter Olympics events, is in full swing.In addition to the intense competition, many foreign athletes focused on the “immersive” experience of food in the Winter Olympic Village. They also recorded videos and shared them on overseas social media platforms, praising the considerate service provided by the Chinese side.Among them, dumplings, malatang and other traditional Chinese food frequently appeared, circle countless fans.

Jutta Riordan, 23, is a speed skater from the Netherlands.Her “Winter Olympics Village Trip” Vlog posted on Instagram received more than 200,000 likes.She chose malatang with a more “Chinese taste” and ate it with relish, successfully attracting the attention of many netizens.”What kind of food is that?” wrote one user.Later, many netizens who are familiar with China answered the questions in their posts, “Malatang, a famous Chinese snack”, “it is healthier than French fries and hamburgers”.After watching the video, some netizens were surrounded by malatang fans, Shouting “I love it, healthy food, delicious!”Philipp Fejeld Anderson, a Norwegian born after 1995, also shared a short video of himself smiling and tucking into his food on Monday, with the caption “Yes, all food and drink is free!”He joked that he might put on 10 pounds when he left.

American athletes eat dumplings on the second day of the Chinese New Year

On The second day of the Chinese New Year, American snowboarder Tessa Moder not only posed with the auspicious background of the Year of the Tiger, but also ate dumplings with udon noodles, which caused a lot of netizens to watch and say, “Dumplings!”‘I hope you like it!”Happy New Year, I hope you enjoy every day in China!”

The Beijing Winter Olympic Village will provide healthy, safe and diverse catering services during the Winter Olympics, according to media reports earlier. The menu, approved by the International Olympic Committee, consists of 678 dishes, which will be rotated every eight days.It adheres to the principle of “athletes as the center” and provides round-the-clock high-quality catering service for all delegations.(Liu Qiang, Overseas Network)