Tour eight immortals, receive the stars, “World of Warships” New Year battle significance

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According to traditional Chinese culture, today is the day when the stars descend on the eighth day of the first lunar month. People in every household will make small lanterns and light them at home as a sacrifice, commonly known as “receiving the stars”.Because in this special day, it is possible to get the blessing of the star Lord.In addition, the eight immortals are Li Tiecai, Han Zhongli, Zhang Guolao, He Xiangu, LAN Caihe, Lu Dongbin, Han Xiangzi and Cao Guojiu.The idiom “eight immortals crossing the sea to manifest their powers” also refers to their story. The Chinese folk pronunciation of the character eight evolved into the festival of honoring the eight immortals on the eighth day of the first lunar month.During the Spring Festival, people used to prepare enough delicacies and fruits to offer sacrifices to the eight immortals.Some places choose to go out on the eighth day of the first lunar month, which is called “Traveling the eight Immortals”.For businesses, the New Year celebration of the opening of the store will choose in today this auspicious day, mainly to take “hair” meaning, hope business is thriving, the four seasons.For players, paying attention to the Online Spring Festival themed activities of World of Warships and receiving online preferential gift packages is still a welfare item to get the start of the New Year when reorganizing their work.”Ship to work in business, everyone sweep”, “warships world” new version 0.11.0 is launched, the number of players during the Spring Festival, once reached its peak, in the clouds gathered online friends, tacit understanding friend are online players, warships to the world, through preferential benefits extend the player’s interest in the armory of the equipment, more super warship is introduced into standard,C cruiser first taste.As we all know, the battleship’s resistance to dryness and attack is the primary factor to control the battle situation. Only by understanding the output damage of the battleship, making full use of the characteristics of the battleship and effectively avoiding the reconnaissance ability of the opponent’s battleship can the player grasp the battle situation more accurately.In team cooperation, I tried to turn the tide, real-time precision attack, complete winning strategy, and gained continuous bonus and effective incentive in circular combat tasks.In version 0.11.0, the new version brings new benefits and changes. The super ships will no longer be limited to ranked battles and joint battles, and players will be able to choose the super ships to participate in standard battles.Unlike ranked battles, standard battles take the form of teams of 12.The super battleship test experience is especially important in this mode, as the pace and intensity of combat can change significantly in standard combat, which in turn affects the effectiveness of the super battleship.Based on past data analysis, standard combat is popular in the system mode, with the new version gathering the necessary statistics and feedback to further balance the power of superships.Players charter super battleships by random gift from the armory.Each package comes with 100 coal or can be rented for six days of the super battleship.In principle, only Tier IX and X ships will be able to compete against superships, but the standard restrictions for certain classes and ship types will be improved later.In version 0.11.0, the super battleship 苽 has a new change, adding a replacement torpedo to the battleship accessories.The player can select two sets of torpedoes under the “Equipment” TAB: Type F3 with a range of 8 km and Type 93 with a range of 20 km;One is the Type 93 Mod.3 with a range of 12 km and the Type 93 with a range of 20 km.Starting with 0.11.0, the system introduced quite a few changes to camo, including the replacement color combinations for VIII Tirpitz and VII Scharnhorst’s special permanent camo.New Year’s weather, “World of Warships” naval battle decoration brought a fresh and comprehensive update, call your good gay friends, join the Chinese cultural characteristics of the battleship confrontation.