Perfect end of super Week!RNG: Will it operate now?

2022-06-05 0 By

In the recent “League of Legends” 2022LPL spring game to usher in the last game before the year, the former professional player Crystal brother also in the first time to sit in the second road and the day of the game OB.During this week, the two final games in the super week of electronic competition spring evening were carried out by TES between OMG, RNG and BLG, and the whole course was full of fascinating confrontation which also made all the netizens who watched the game feast their eyes.In the first TES vs OMG game, Crystal kicked off with a series of comments on shanji’s performance.During the period when see TES left hand and Zoom want to double Shanji sword magic, did not think he did not give the opposite opportunity and choose to open a direct run, crystal brother saw it also immediately a wave of praise: open will not give teammates pressure, if you do a little dangerous action teammates may want to save you.Then the two teams broke out in the dalong area group war, at this time shanji in the group war performance like god, excellent play between the crystal elder brother are shocked, and even publicly said: can not help but think of a god of war, this moment Shanji was possessed by the man.OMG team won the game cleanly, 2-0.The subsequent RNG/BLG rivalry is also very interesting, and Crystal is also very concerned about it.First, he did a wave of analysis on the operation of THE RNG team and said: RNG has changed, RNG can now operate, they are Crazy, very professional now.Then on the single player bin single kill breathing brother weapon said: what a simple single kill, simple and unflashy.Finally the two teams after three rounds of fierce battle, RNG team strength and 2-1 score perfect end.What do you think of the day’s competition, netizens?Feel free to leave a comment below.