Zhang Yimou’s “On the Cliff” is the best spy movie since “The Message.

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As the famous “buddhist”, zhang yimou is the fifth generation actor inside that nots allow to ignore the existence of early years he had taken out of such film raise the red lantern “, still is director of raw piece is often translated works, after the jinling thirteen women, commercial director for his transformation, seems to be in the public mind, he should belong to literary film, but in fact,He just goes with the flow. It’s a commercial film, but it still has a unique touch of Zhang Yimou. This is zhang Yimou’s spy film, Which is not a success, at least it’s not a failure.In the 1930s, it was the era of Anti-Japanese War, and the story of this film took place in Harbin, northeast China, which was also a occupied area.A group of secret Soviet-trained operatives return to carry out operation Utla, but a mutiny threatens to take them from the moment they set foot on the country.Their task is to escort a person who can expose the Crime of The Japanese army above the international exit, but because traitor informer, so they still need to find a way to traitor, protect themselves, complete the task smoothly.So, from the beginning, they chose to split up.There is no intense plot, no suspense, because at the beginning, Zhang yimou makes everything clear, the story is just how to get the job done.But there are still some places memorable in the film, such as the role of Zhang Yi because two children jump car, a lot of people don’t understand, but may be wanted to be here, even though they received so many training, will not be able to prevent some inner feelings, that is human nature, they don’t do a cold-blooded, so even knowing that will expose himself, would let their canned,They still do it.In addition, the most impressive thing is the heavy snow, which is also the style of Zhang Yimou’s films, which are always more artistic than content, although the ending is very abrupt.I have to say, Zhang Yimou is still very old.