Li Jiaqi personally to Wang Meng makeup, but was questioned makeup technology, netizens have fun

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Wang Meng, do you make up wrong?Li Jiaqi is preparing to draw wang Meng a beautiful makeup, Wang Meng is a face meng forced: “I don’t know, you want to put on lipstick here?”This sentence, not only Li Jiaqi, even the audience were surprised by this sentence.Otherwise, where else would he apply it?Wang Meng said: “WHAT I wipe is outside.”Li jiaqi said she didn’t know wang meng was an athlete, but neither did the makeup artist.He asked, “Is your makeup artist putting it on?””When I was making up, I asked her, ‘Why do you wear it here?She’s not a professional like you, and she listens to everything I say!”With Wang Meng’s personality, makeup is understandable, but Li Jiaqi to Wang Meng makeup things, but caused wang Meng’s suspicion.Li Jiaqi gave him makeup, she could not help but let Wang Meng shine on his face, and then loudly asked: “is this true?”Li Jiaqi full of confidence: “yes, your eyes more bright, who will not notice your eyeliner!”Other people would have nodded their heads to show their modesty. Wang meng, on the other hand, said calmly, “Didn’t you see my eyeliner?”Li Jiaqi nervous explanation way: “this is the United States pupil line, is inner eyelid!””Wang Meng wears eyeliner. This is not eyeliner. This is made with a ruler.This scene of Wang Meng fully shows many girls’ understanding of beauty makeup. In fact, Wang Meng does not dislike her appearance, otherwise she would not agree.They are just devoting their time and energy to their profession. Isn’t that a kind of dedication?Therefore, no one will laugh at the athletes’ clothes are not beautiful enough, and no one will despise their own looks, but the fact is so.