Marked “Late Cretaceous, Ordovician”, pudong Airport customs seized a batch of paleontological fossils

2022-06-09 0 By

February 11, thepaper news ( reporters learned from Shanghai customs, recently, Pudong airport customs in the implementation of export express supervision, a batch of declared products named “decorative plastic resin” express caused the attention of the scene customs officers.The actual goods were packed in single wooden case, heavier than the declared 1.5kg. After thorough unpacking, it was found that the wooden case was divided into 7 compartments, each of which placed a stone object, with labels such as “Late Cretaceous of Sun Bay” and “Ordovician of Sea urchin” attached, and the packaging was delicate.Shanghai Customs also found that the rough surface of the stone, and some of the stone can be seen on the outline of animals, suspected of paleontological fossils.After sending professional organization appraisal, 6 pieces are paleontological fossil.At present, the batch of express has been sent to the relevant departments for further disposal.According to the Regulations on the Protection of Paleontological Fossils, those who apply for the exit of paleontological fossils should apply to the competent department of land and resources under The State Council or the competent department of land and resources under the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and submit the list and photos of paleontological fossils.Shanghai Customs reminds: the application for exit should include the basic information of the applicant and the place, purpose and time of exit of paleontological fossils.In applying for the exit of paleontological fossils under special protection, the applicant shall also provide the basic information of the foreign cooperative unit and the cooperative scientific research contract or exhibition contract, as well as the emergency protection preplan, protection measures and insurance certificate of paleontological fossils.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)