Stick to it!A special New Year’s eve dinner in a quarantined hotel

2022-06-10 0 By

At present, Xi ‘an has achieved a phased victory in epidemic prevention and control, but there is a group of people still stick to the forefront of prevention and control, they are the staff of the hotel isolation team.Yesterday was New Year’s Eve, although I could not get together with my family, but a special New Year’s Eve dinner also let everyone eat delicious, for the public to keep a good security line, everyone admitted, the heart is very practical.Early in the morning in lianhu Road Juncheng International hotel, isolation special class staff began a day’s work, sorting out information, docking contact, each task is completed in perfect order.Jun Cheng International hotel is currently under the control of a total of 55 people, isolation special class of 17 staff has been sticking to here.Staff prepared handwritten cards for all quarantined people, along with flowers and gifts made into gift bags for everyone.Around noon, the kitchen of the hotel began to prepare lunch. The sumptuous dishes were soon packed and delivered by the medical team to the isolated area one by one. Later, the staff also inquired about everyone’s situation today and gave them their best wishes.New Year’s Eve is a time for family reunion. In order to make the quarantined people have a warm year, the staff began to prepare the dinner in the early afternoon. The sumptuous dinner included dumplings, seafood, sumptuous dishes and fruits, all of which were carefully prepared.Talking about not being able to go back home for reunion, everyone smiled and thought it would be nice to spend a different year here.Source: Origin News