The mother of a six-year-old, the father of a one-month-old…They are all fighting the epidemic

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She is the mother of a six-year-old child, the father of a one-month-old baby, and the son of an octogenarian.They have different family identities.However, in the face of fighting against the epidemic, they have a common understanding – give up their small home, for everyone.”With your encouragement, mother feel not hard!”Yongkang Road, a well-known coffee street, and Xiangyang South Road, where all kinds of online celebrity shops are clustered together, are the areas with the most and most intensive shops along the street within the jurisdiction of tianping Office of Xuhui District Market Supervision Bureau, and are also the areas under the supervision of Changhan Yuejiao grid.Just after March, the epidemic broke out again in Shanghai.Nucleic acid sampling, bottom line supervision of food safety, and supervision of epidemic prevention measures are all haunting Han Yue Jiao’s mind.”Your shop is relatively large, so it is suggested to set up entrances and exits according to moving line management.The entrance arranges the staff to measure the temperature and check the bright code.”In a catering unit, Han Yuejiao stressed the requirements of measures during the outbreak.To make it easier for merchants to remember, she lists the main points clearly on paper.The front foot just left the catering unit, Han Yuejiao received the new work pop up on her mobile phone, she immediately and colleagues in the group rushed to deal with.Han Yuejiao worked non-stop. During her stay in the unit, her son always waited at the door and asked her family, “Will mom come back today?”During a recent video call with her son, he mysteriously presented her with a surprise gift — a painting that read “Mom Go!”It shows her in a white protective suit and face mask, her eyes fixed, her left hand raised in the “Yeah” sign.This is her in her son’s eyes, simple lines outline full of missing.”I hope I can be a role model for my children in the future.” On the wechat interface of the computer, more and more red numbers appear on the message box, and one dialog box after another pops up.External publicity is Yang Xulin’s main battlefield, intensive writing and communication is his normal work.There is no fixed commuting time, Yang Xulin will immediately pass on the breaking news and urgent matters to the public through the official account.In addition to being a dedicated market regulator, Yang is also a “new dad”.His wechat profile picture is his one-month-old baby, and the cover of his moments is a picture of his pregnant wife. His family is always on his mind.Having settled down his wife and children, he immediately answered the call, moved into his workplace and devoted himself to his work.During the epidemic prevention and control period, he volunteered to be a member of the “volunteer motorcade”.On April 3, he received the assignment and drove his private car to pick up the bus driver who was responsible for the transportation of the community. It was already 1:00 a.m. on April 4 when he returned to the office.”When the epidemic is over, I will make amends to the elderly.” For Tao Dong of the Consumer Protection Commission, the past March was particularly memorable.The March 15 Consumer Rights Day is the highlight of the year.In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the event was temporarily changed from offline to live online.This time is tight, task is heavy, tao Dong also happens to be isolated because of close contact.His remote command, overall coordination, integration of resources, pool of wisdom and strength, finally ensure that the event was held smoothly as scheduled.Just out of isolation point before long, Tao Dong is busy with their own work, while also received the urgent task of restarting the joint adjustment center.It turned out that the joint investigation Center was unable to return to work due to the influence of lockdown control, resulting in the tendency of work orders to pile up.We must complete the work within the statutory time limit and respond to people’s concerns in a timely manner.Tao Dong drew up the work objectives and requirements in detail. Within 9 working days, he led all the staff of the Joint Investigation Center to complete a total of 446 orders, effectively resolving the inventory orders in a short time.The only thing Tao can’t let go of is the elderly in his family.Since this round of epidemic, he is both commander and combatant, under the continuous rotation of work, he did not care to go home, and even his 80-year-old father was critically ill in hospital have no time to visit.”I feel guilty.When the epidemic is over, I will make amends to the old man.But now I am needed in the fight against the epidemic, and my position is here!”Tao Dong said, red eyes.The home is the smallest country country is ten million temporarily give up the warmth of small home only to guard “ten thousand lights” peaceful they with pure heart ignite the countless night that sticks to the post toward yearning spring yong yi forward