My husband drinks every day, he also can’t quit drinking, because he likes drinking, how to do?

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You have to understand a problem, drinking and drinking more every day are two concepts, I also take a small cup to drink on dinner every day, but never drink more, shallow taste that stop, this does not need to stop drinking.But if your husband drinks a lot every day, then it’s better to quit. I’ll give you a few ideas.People who love to drink drink for all kinds of reasons.A few days ago, a neighbor of mine broke his leg by riding a shared bike after drinking, and then kept quiet at home. Yesterday afternoon, he called me to his home. He walked on crutches, took out a bottle of wine and a few ham sausages, and said it was to celebrate his survival.It can be seen that it is too difficult for drinkers to stop drinking. We can take the method of slowly reducing the amount of alcohol to achieve the purpose of minimizing the harm of alcohol to the body.If you drink a few today, you can only drink two tomorrow.To the hospital to undertake treatment a lot of drinking friends do not know the hospital has abstinence division, to a few alcohol dependence disease patient, through hospitalization isolation, take a few abstinence medicate, will abstain from alcohol addiction.One of my classmate, said: “wine”, see the meat will be drinking, each time will be drunk, drink ran out of his wife, family can’t, sent him to the hospital to stop drinking, after repeated several times, he didn’t see wine as the original two mixtures, the classmates party the day before yesterday, no one gave him pour wine, he can not drink the wine, just give yourself a cup of tea, show that hospital treatment is effective.Drink good wine since drink every day, do not drink some cheap wine, not good to drink also hurt the body.Drink some good word of mouth pure grain wine, such as Erguotou, Fenjiu, these wine smell fragrant, not hot throat, not much damage to the body.I drink relatives brewing corn wine, strength is not big, mouth, the second day does not hurt, without any additives, rest assured.But also pay attention to less and drinking friends, these people are still speaking loyalty, you ask them, all remember, they will ask you, drink not good still not good, can break with them is the best.Really want to drink, you can supervise him, it is ok to drink some at home properly, as long as master the amount of wine and number, this drink let him drink some, the man is not easy, what they drink is not wine, it is lonely, it is helpless.