Can cistanche be eaten raw?How to eat cistanche for best results?

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Cistanche is a valuable herbal ingredient.Many people don’t know how to eat cistanche, and in fact, it’s better for making wine and frying.Cistanche is not suitable to eat raw and can cause gastrointestinal indigestion.Can cistanche be eaten raw?It is not recommended to eat raw.C. deserticola lives in the root of Haloxylon ammodendron, living in harsh environment, and has high medicinal value.Although cistanche has no side effects, it cannot be eaten raw because it contains lignin, cellulose and so on.These substances are difficult to digest and tend to accumulate in the intestines and cause bloating after eating.For the person with poor digestive function, it will increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion and cause all kinds of discomfort.How to eat cistanche for best results?1. Decocting cistanche is a good traditional Chinese medicine for tonifying kidney and qi, which has the function of tonifying refined blood and can help treat various symptoms of Yang deficiency, such as improving deficiency of essential blood, waist and knee acid and weakness, etc.Decoction works best, and decoction also works better.2. Rush clothes at the end of research.Cistanche not only has the function of tonifying kidney and replenishing qi, but also has the function of moistening intestine and relieving constipation, which can improve intestinal dryness caused by insufficient blood.Therefore, grinding and taking can relieve constipation the fastest.3. Making wine Cistanche can also be used to make wine, but the alcohol can do some damage to the liver.Small amounts are recommended.Generally drink about 50 ml once, 1~2 times a week.You can’t eat cistanche with what?In fact, there is not much to contraindicate with Cistanche, but it should be noted that cistanche cannot be eaten together with Cynomorium cynomorium.In fact, both cistanche and Cynomorium are warming products.They all have very good kidney tonifying effect.Taken alone, it can have a very good effect on the body.However, if taken at the same time, it may lead to excessive warming, easy to cause fire and other problems, which is not conducive to health, so more attention should be paid.