Get fire engineer card how to look for a job

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If you want to know how to find a job with a fire engineer certificate, you should first understand the scope of practice of fire engineer certificate. The scope of practice of fire engineer mainly has six general directions, which are:Fire technology consulting and fire safety assessment (1) (2) the fire safety management and technical training (3) fire control facilities to detect fire safety monitoring and inspection and maintenance (4) (5) fire accident technical analysis of 6 other prescribed by the Ministry of Public Security fire control safety technology will be able to see from the above scopes of work, registered fire engineers work focuses on the safety monitoring.As can be seen from the above figure, in first-tier cities and the relatively backward northwest region, the salary of first-level registered fire engineers is not low, which is higher than the local average wage level.Get a level 1 registered fire engineer, can be engaged in fire safety positions, mainly including: ① fire construction personnel ② data personnel ② fire engineering budget personnel ④ business manager ⑤ project manager ⑥ Fire engineer ⑦ project manager and so on.All the above are hot positions in the fire industry, and the salary is not low, the employment prospects are very good, and the hard requirement is to hold the certificate.Get fire engineer card how to look for a job?According to the current market situation of fire safety, if we plan to switch to a full-time job in fire safety, it is an inevitable choice to get certified fire engineer.If you want to take a certificate to do a part-time job, xiaobian or advise you to think carefully before making a decision.Grade 1 registered fire engineer new school year preparation work is in progress, ready to participate in the exam partners to seriously prepare for the exam, do not lazy oh!