Paint the police 365 days of the year

2022-06-12 0 By

When the lights of thousands of families, the seas sing in the New Year’s night because of the lights of the city, and cheerful clever because of people’s smile, and bright and warm also because of their guardian,Joy and tranquility, they are the warm companions of the Spring Festival holiday, they are the firm guardians of the New Year’s Eve, they are the helping hands of the masses at any time when they need them, they are the New Year’s night watchmen in the twinkling of the alarm lights, protecting the light of the city’s peace. What changes is the constant color, but the loyalty integrated into the blood, your peace, we silently guard!The bright glory of the loyal red blood police shield is blue and red under the song of peace!Mind to serve the people with his mind with purplish blue uniforms of the dream in the wind and rain caress on loyalty to the police the soul, the people’s supreme stick is not only a responsibility but also a sustenance, a kind of faith I was like, has been misunderstood I was grateful, also been complained in the past I trusted, have also been doubted I be a police, born to peace!Some people say we are lighting the way just to release the talk window is worth relying on power but we are not born brave we will stuck CongJing injured without regrets, beginner’s mind is constant reviewing CongJing career experience every “first time” is a growth, across is worth collect carefully of good memories, perhaps, you don’t know me but,I have been in your side police, patrol……Silently guarding the past, they run in the dangerous front line with guns in hand, wearing a bright light, guarding the vast frontier today, once the iron warriors into the force of justice to continue to protect the peace of the people,For our common people on guard a crisis appeared in you the most caring person in every we need to place a policeman is not a hero under the uniform is one of the flesh and blood people they like all people will read, will be pain, weep can also tired, will be old, the heart is bitter but the masses need to the people’s police of a crisis is not afraid of hardship is not afraid of bloodAlways go against the wall, come forward with is a blood brave as the police, is the hope, is to bear is never stopped in the heart of the “police glory” from the police means to pay winter practice 39, battle frost snow, hardened steel choice loyalty, protect peace with the best attitude, to meet a brand New Year!