Good news!Hohhot Cinema will open!There are a-level scenic spots, libraries, cultural centers and other places to reopen in an orderly manner!

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Hohhot response will be coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work headquarters about orderly open part of cultural tourism sites of the announcement no. 55 (2022) for the further implementation of epidemic prevention and control, precise science orderly restore open part of cultural tourism, meet the demand of the culture of the people’s normal life, and ratified by the municipal headquarters research the epidemic prevention and control work,From April 1, the city’s A-class scenic spots, libraries, cultural centers, art galleries, museums, publications, cinemas and other places will be reopened.Other cultural travel agencies, crowded entertainment venues, such as travel agencies, KTV, bars, Internet cafes, billiard halls, etc., are still suspended business.The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:1. All relevant units, counties and districts should earnestly do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, implement the “principal responsibility” and tighten the “four responsibilities” (territorial responsibility, departmental responsibility, unit responsibility and individual responsibility).Administrative departments of publicity (press and publication, film), cultural tourism and sports at all levels and local epidemic prevention and control departments should strengthen supervision and control of epidemic prevention and control in the cultural tourism industry.2. All open places should continue to do a good job in ventilation, cleaning, disinfection and other health management work, so as to achieve full coverage of disinfection, leaving no dead space blank.Strictly implement the requirements of “limiting traffic and making appointments”, and reasonably set the upper limit of reception, which shall not exceed 50% of the approved number in principle.The regulations on appointment, real-name registration, temperature measurement, wearing of masks, “Qingcheng Code” verification, and vaccination vouchers shall be strictly enforced. Novel Coronavirus antigen self-test kits are required in all units and places where conditions permit.Three, all open space are to strictly implement the “four steps” early (early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment), set up temporary isolation points, ban temperature anomalies, health code yellow or red code, not new crown vaccine researchers inside and will be taken to a temporary isolation immediately temperature abnormal points, lien observation, timely report the earthly outbreak headquarters.At the same time, the establishment of prevention and control ledger, so that there is evidence to check, trace to follow.Iv. All open places shall strictly implement the regulations on staff health monitoring, establish and improve epidemic prevention and control management systems and plans, and strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control information reporting system.Local competent authorities should organize emergency drills for epidemic prevention and control in all open places to ensure that all prevention and control measures are implemented.5. All open places shall strictly abide by the above epidemic prevention and control requirements, provide standardized services, and shall not open places that are not allowed to open temporarily.Local and relevant functional departments will continue to strengthen supervision, and strictly deal with cultural and tourism venues that do not implement prevention and control measures in place or do business without permission.Vi. This announcement will take effect from April 1, and will be dynamically adjusted according to the epidemic situation.Source: Hohhot Novel Coronavirus Prevention and control Headquarters of Hohhot City On March 31, 2022 Source: Hohhot Novel Coronavirus Prevention and control Headquarters of Hohhot City on March 31, 2022