April 8, Zhengzhou bus code scanning bus

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The original title: April 8th zhengzhou ride bus imposed sweeping yards (reporter ZhuChuanPeng interns Yang Xuyao) on the morning of April 8, the reporter learns from zhengzhou bus group, combined with the current epidemic situation and epidemic prevention requirements, to further strengthening the epidemic prevention and control of bus operation management, to ensure the safety of citizens to travel, today zhengzhou sweeping health code to ride bus to take effect.Starting from April 8, zhengzhou residents will be required to scan a green health code before boarding a bus or entering a BRT platform. Those who scan a yellow code, red code or fail to scan a code will not be allowed to ride.Seniors and students without smart phones can swipe their senior card or student card to ride.Passengers who are unable to show their health code due to their inability to use mobile phones should provide valid identification, name, ID number, contact information and other information before boarding.Please inform each other and provide support and cooperation, take the initiative to scan the code when taking the bus, and standardize the wearing of masks.Zhengzhou public transport will also strictly implement the epidemic prevention and elimination measures to provide a healthy and safe bus environment for the general public.(Great River Network)