Craftsmanship inheritance and cultivation of the soul of the division of brilliant inheritance

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— Zhengzhou Huiji District Nanyang Primary School teachers “master and Apprentice pair” commendation Conference (Yang Chuanzhi Wang Ning) Green, blue is better than blue;Ice, water and cold water.In order to promote the rapid growth of young teachers and give better play to the exemplary and leading role of excellent teachers, on February 25th, the teacher-apprentice pair commendation meeting of “Qinglan Project” was held in the conference room on the second floor of the school.The cyan Project is a long-standing teaching and research activity for young teachers to learn from experienced teachers and pass on their valuable experience.At the meeting, Teacher Yin Yuhui of the guidance Office read out the list of outstanding teachers and apprentices of “Qinglan Project”, and hoped that the outstanding teachers and apprentices would continue to work hard, constantly explore, and strive for greater achievements!Then, the apprentice representative Teacher Wang Ning’s speech reviewed their own experience, growth and harvest in the blue pair activity.She is especially grateful for the platform provided by the school and the teacher’s selfless teaching. She said that the teacher’s help, guidance and demonstration can give her enlightenment and reflection, which can be turned into her daily education and teaching behavior through practice.In the end, Vice Principal Yang Guifang summed up the “Qinglan Project”, praised the young teachers’ modesty and willingness to learn and their selfless teaching by words and deeds, and hoped that all young teachers should practice basic skills and have a plan for their growth.And in teaching skills, learning ability, teaching and research ability and other aspects of more efforts.Nanyang Primary School “Blue Project” pair activity since the launch, the school attaches great importance to, through the teacher’s transmission, help, lead and apprentice’s learning, understanding, practice, interaction between the teacher and apprentice, to promote the professional construction of school teachers, and strive to create a high-quality teacher team.