Tang Sheng supervised and inspected the Spring Festival road traffic safety and security and stability maintenance work and visited the auxiliary police on duty

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On 4 February, baiyin secretary of the party committee, deputy mayor, city public security bureau chief, no further G22 dragonhead high-speed taiping tunnel section, big mountains, toll station and huining taiping store in town, the old gentleman slope town station part of rural roads, persuasion, the S60 will old roundabout traffic field supervision and quarantine point inspection of road traffic safety and security work stability, the Spring Festival visit sympathy on duty police officers.Tang sheng encouraged everyone to stick to their posts, take responsibility for dedication, do a solid and meticulous job in the festival security work, with the public security organs “hard index” for the people’s “safety index”, with the majority of auxiliary police “pay index” for the New Year’s “peace index”.Tang stressed that security and stability maintenance work has entered a crucial period of decisive battle and victory with the arrival of the Spring Festival travel and return peak and the opening of the Winter Olympic Games. Public security organs at all levels should mobilize all police and make all-out efforts to strictly implement security and stability maintenance measures.Want close road traffic safety management, a township road snow ice exists great road traffic hazards, and to carefully analyze the security situation, further refine measures, organize relevant departments and mass timely snow de-icing, village cadres do police deployed to strengthen measures, more fully to ensure Spring Festival transportation safety situation is stable and orderly.Second, we need to conduct solid investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes. We need to conduct in-depth investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes in conjunction with relevant departments and grassroots organizations in the light of the actual situation of public security work, and focus on addressing all kinds of conflicts and disputes at an early stage and resolving them at a small stage.Third, we need to strengthen the control of social gatherings, maintain a hard-hitting and high-pressure posture, strictly implement the joint armed patrol and rapid response mechanism of the public security and armed police, strictly investigate serious traffic crimes such as overcrowding, speeding and drunk driving, and maximize the rate of police attendance and management.Fourth, we need to carry out epidemic prevention and control in a scientific and precise way. We need to do a good job in tracing the source of the epidemic and providing designated guards, effectively improve the efficiency and quality of follow-up and follow-up visits, and standardize data push and transfer. At the same time, we need to comprehensively strengthen internal prevention and control of the public security organs to ensure absolute safety.City public Security Bureau traffic police detachment captain Zhang Tingzhen, Huining County Party Committee standing Committee, Political and legal Committee secretary Guo Junying, Huining County deputy county magistrate, county public security Bureau Party secretary, director Li Chengming, county bureau executive deputy director Li Jinghui and relevant departments responsible comrades accompany supervision.Issued by: Political Department of Baiyin Public Security Bureau