For ten years, he spent New Year’s Eve with old people living alone in the community

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On January 31, the New Year’s Eve of the Ox, Xiao Lijun, a community police officer of The Shenlong Police Station of the Public Security Sub-bureau of the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, came to the home of Li Chengcan, an old man living alone in Xianglong community.To bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new, Xianglong community decorated, every door with red fu and couplets, the voice of New Year greetings, everywhere permeated with the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.In the eyes of residents beaming, always can see a dark blue figure, he is the community police Xiao Lijun.As usual on New Year’s Eve, Xiao Lijun came to the area early in the morning to inspect the shops, check whether the fire facilities are intact, remind the shops to lock their doors and Windows during the holiday, and tell the community guards to work on epidemic prevention and control.After checking the shops, he came to the underground parking lot of the community to check the cleaning situation of sundries and eliminate security risks in time.For the elderly living alone, families with special circumstances, families with difficulties and migrant workers renting houses, Xiao Lijun registers them one by one, lists them as service priorities and visits them regularly.Although suffering from severe diabetes, busy panting, Xiao Lijun or non-stop came to live alone in the home of old man Li Chengcan.The old man is 74 years old this year, and his children are not around, only the old couple at home.Every New Year’s Eve, Xiao Lijun would chat with the elderly and help do some housework.Every time the “police son” came, it added joy to their lives.Xiao Lijun posted the word “fu” for them, and the old man ate a special New Year’s Eve dinner.Xiao Lijun’s busy figure, let children not around the lonely old people feel the warmth of relatives.Looking at the notebook full of memories, each work is implemented one by one, Xiao Lijun heart was steadfast, then is already the lights, family reunion time.The annual Spring Festival gala, Xiao Lijun basically did not have a complete look, because he had to go back to the police room on duty.When a resident passes by the police office, he is surprised and asks, Officer Shaw is still busy?How busy you are all the year round!”Honest and honest old shaw will joke with them: “New Year’s Eve I will give you shousui!”Since 2012 transferred to the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone Xianglong community, there is not a New Year’s Eve, Xiao Lijun is not in the community.Many of the more than 9,000 residents in the community have saved his phone number and added his wechat account. They are used to treating the police office and his phone as a “life hotline”. When they encounter various difficulties, especially the elderly, they always contact Xiao Lijun with great trust.”Elder brother, we eat dinner together on New Year’s Eve or 10 years ago!”Brother Xiao Limin broke off his fingers to calculate, the whole 10 years.Last Year, his mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, looked forward to his coming home for a reunion as soon as possible. However, he could not get off at the thought of patrolling the community, banning flogging and asking for help. The community was so complicated that he could not leave it.So, he will give his mother to his brother, he turned into the community’s New Year’s Eve security patrol control work, has been heard ringing the peace bell, to ensure that all the community is safe, to return to his home.”Some people say it’s a kind of pressure, but for me, it’s more about gratitude, more about responsibility. So many people care about and trust me, and they remember their insignificant achievements and keep expressing their gratitude. I can’t break that trust.”His idea is very realistic, family reunion can be rescheduled, his own illness can be overcome, but residents have any needs, absolutely the first response, to help them overcome difficulties, to solve the problem.In 2021, residents attached a first-class merit medal to his chest.He said: “My family and everyone, I knew what I should choose from the first day of police, and I should stick to it.I can go on for thirty, forty years as long as I need to, without hesitation or regret.”(Yang Huai Liu Xie Wei)