The whole Internet is doing this?Fuyang city hospital experts urgent reminder!

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High bun qingyi girls leisurely walk in the lively Spring Festival Gala stage blowing a fresh wind dance poetry drama “only this green” excerpted attracted netizens brush screen dance fire, netizens show “green waist” netizens imitate graph experts urgently remind this waist good, can not blindly imitate!Professor Yu Haiyang, director of spine surgery of Fuyang Hospital, doctoral supervisor reminds the public that this waist is good-looking but not to imitate blindly!Make “green waist” action need very strong waist and abdomen strength are through the actors accumulated training out of the ordinary people without professional training is very easy to imitate this action caused by waist injury there are also citizens said adults difficult to lower back but children’s waist is very soft practice no problem?Professor sea remind about this For teenagers are still growing Improper imitation can also lead to local stress increase lumbar vertebrae Acceleration may cause degenerative lumbar spondylolysis of lumbar bone fracture That cause long-term low back pain Severe lumbar olisthe even They encounter of young cases with lumbar disease in clinic Most of them are during the growth and developmentThe waist is excessive bend, undeserved exert oneself to cause “green waist” how practice become?It takes a lot of waist strength to perform the “green waist” move, and the only Green dancers do physical training in private.Days and months of training, just make us see the beautiful “green waist”.As a Chinese saying goes, “If the heart can tolerate gullies and valleys, then the writing can collect mountains and rivers.”What moves us in This Only Green is not only the beautiful stage movements, but also the composure and pride of the actors.The director said that in order to make the actors calm down, the actors had to practice “quiet” for more than half a month before the formal choreography began.During rehearsals, a lot of poetry was used to guide them.To the New Year’s Eve, the scenes in Fuyang were taken!Period of incense!How sweet!Just, fuyang multi – district shot!Back to Fuyang Ecological Park, Yingzhou West Lake, Bali River……Just came!Gu to film!Today, fuyang many hospitals ushered in……Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: