Winter weather is cold, drink more of these 6 soup, rich nutrition, delicious taste

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Winter weather is particularly cold and dry, in this weather to drink a bowl of hot soup is the best, today to share with you 6 winter often drink soup in a lump, this method is fast and simple, the soup is rich in nutrition and taste delicious, drink a bowl of warm body, like friends quickly collect to do it!Tomato and egg soup ingredients: tomatoes, rape, flour, egg practice: first of all, the tomato flower knife, boiling water for two minutes to tear off the skin, and then cut into small pieces, the right amount of vegetables into sections.Add flour to the bowl and turn the water on to a minimum, then shake to form lumps. Beat two eggs and scatter.Heat a wok with oil, add diced tomatoes and stir-fry them over medium heat until tomato juice is produced. Then add water and bring to a boil. Season with salt and cook for 2 minutes.Then several times into the dough with a spoon a little push and then medium fire for two minutes, thick soup bumps are very, and then into a thin line into the egg liquid, under the vegetables boil until broken, and then you can start the pot.Abalone seafood soup Ingredients: abalone, fresh shrimp, flour, coriander, egg, green onion How to do: cut a small section of green onion, clean the fresh shrimp abalone into small cubes, coriander chopped.Put flour in a small bowl, add two eggs, add water and beat well with chopsticks to make a paste.Heat up the wok, add the oil, add the chopped shrimps and abalone and stir-fry for a few times, add the tomato sauce and stir, add water and salt, sugar and pepper, stir and bring to a boil.When the soup comes to a boil, pour the batter into a colander and keep sliding to make the batter leak into the wok. Turn the heat off and cook for about three minutes. Pour in a little pepper oil and sesame oil and stir in the parsley.Ingredients: Yam, tomato, flour, egg, bok choy, chives How to do it: Peel a yam and pat it with the back of a knife. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes, the chives into scallions, and the bok choy into large sections. Put the eggs in a bowl and stir them up.Heat the wok with oil, add chopped green onion to burst out fragrance, add tomato yam stir-fry, add water to bring to a boil.Add some flour in the basin, the mineral water bottle into a few small eyes, while pouring water while shaking, shaking into a small knot can be.Bring to a boil and put in dough lumps. Push it with a shovel to prevent sticking together. Add salt and white pepper, stir light soy sauce and cook for two minutes.First of all, put 200 grams of flour and a spoonful of salt in the basin to stir evenly, and then use 160 milliliters of pure milk was fine line into the basin, side by side to stir into a small knot.Chop carrots and shiitake mushrooms into small pieces, chop a handful of spring Onions into chopped spring Onions, beat garlic into chopped garlic, and then prepare two eggs in a bowl to stir.Boil water and blanch the spinach before cutting it into small pieces.Dish up oil fired the onion garlic until fragrant, then put cubed carrots with mushroom fry fragrant, adding suitable amount of drinking water, then pour the pimple bit by bit into the pot, spoon push to prevent adhesion, fire boil two minutes later add salt pepper, mix the egg liquid are thin linear, pour into the shower after to quickly turn off the heat, avoid boil egg drop old.When it’s ready to serve, stir in the spinach and drizzle with sesame oil.Broccoli ham pimple soup ingredients: broccoli, ham, egg, flour, ginger, scallion practice: broccoli into small flowers put in the pot blanched water, remove the cold water for later use, ham cut into small cubes, ginger and garlic cut into the end, the right amount of flour and water stir into pimple.Heat the ham, shallots and ginger with oil in the wok and fry until fragrant. Then add appropriate water and light soy sauce salt. Bring the water to a boil and add in dough bumps, stir gently, and cook until dough bumps are cooked.Finally add a little sesame oil to stir well and serve.Pumpkin tomato pimple soup ingredients: flour, squash, tomatoes, rape, eggs, spring Onions, enoki practice: pumpkin peel and cut ChengXiaoDing, tomatoes, cut into small pieces, salver adding suitable amount of flour, poured into the pumpkin Ding Xian shaking evenly, sprinkle some water plus a flour to continue shaking evenly, repeat about three times a knot.Heat the wok with oil, add chopped green onion and stir-fry until fragrant. Then add the tomatoes and stir-fry for a while. Add enough water and bring to a boil.After the water opens, the next pumpkin small bumps, gently push it with a shovel, continue the fire to boil, and then play a cold water to boil the bumps to completely float up, and then doused in advance to beat the egg liquid, slightly shaped after putting a bit of rape, mix well and then add a bit of raw soy, a bit of sesame oil to add fragrance again stir well can be installed basin.Love life, love food, share food recipes for you every day