Do you have a dream?

2022-06-20 0 By

Originally, I thought I was a dreamer at first.Especially in the past few years, I feel my direction is very certain and I have been working hard in that direction. I believe everyone can see that I love sports and pay attention to health, so I applied for the examination of health management in 19 years, and now I am also a certified health management teacher.If THERE is an opportunity in the future, I hope to enter the pension industry or start my own business in the direction of health management.But last night just turned a few new pages into the “dog money money” this book, is a child can also learn financial books, elder sister strongly asked me to read.Really, really should study.How many questions do you ask at the beginning of the book?What does money mean to you?Do you have a dream?And so on and so on.All of a sudden it got me thinking.You really need to think about it and write it down.I don’t know. What about you?Can you answer that?Hope to pass by to see my sincere code word point a praise oh!I will continue to share a little insight in life or some of my own “methodology” for your reference, welcome to continue to pay attention to oh!If you want to grow more dry goods and listen to my story, welcome to follow my namesake public account.