Harbin New District Management Committee comprehensive law enforcement team successfully completed the “Spring Festival” environmental protection task

2022-06-22 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the cadres and staff of the Comprehensive administrative law enforcement Corps of Harbin New District Management Committee carry forward the spirit of dedication, stick to their posts and fulfill their duties, strengthen the prevention and control of the street environmental order, ensure the good order of the city appearance and environment, and create a clean, orderly and peaceful new district environment for the citizens to celebrate the Spring Festival.During the guarantee period, more than 3,400 law enforcement personnel were dispatched to handle complaints hotline and platform cases, standardizing and investigating more than 430 cases of various illegal acts.First, advance planning and thorough deployment.Hold the work deployment meeting, carefully deploy the focus of work before and during the festival, put forward specific work requirements, set up duty posts in the ice and Snow World, Harbin North Railway Station, campus and other key areas, focus on the New Year’s Eve, the first and the sixth day of the focus on monitoring, all departments joint attendance.The mechanism of inspection led by leaders has been established, the wechat working group of environmental order during the Spring Festival has been established, and the urban management law enforcement cadres have been fully mobilized to participate in the street inspection of the urban environmental order work to ensure the good environmental order.Second, make every effort to prevent unremitting efforts.He stayed at epidemic prevention posts in Harbin Railway Station, Xi Railway Station and airport, and checked and sent back more than 500 people.Supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control in the “nine Small venues” and safety inspection in the areas under their jurisdiction were carried out, and any problems found were reported to the authorities, rectified promptly and handled properly.At the same time, public facilities continue to carry out disinfection, timely transport of epidemic waste, personnel protection, closed transportation, timely disinfection and other links.We will take a combination of measures to build a safety “epidemic prevention network” and build a “prevention and control wall” so that the people will have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.Third, we should implement scientific policies and coordinate regional development.GangDian unit in key areas, equipped with mobile patrol team, effective use of the environment during the Spring Festival order WeChat working group, across the street from the environment problems do the timely discovery, timely, various law enforcement produced according to the territorial area key check, for the center channel market, labor market, commercial center, residents residential renovation, snookering,Back street back alley extension, jurisdiction area full coverage.Up to now, we have standardized the operation outside the store, cleaned up the road vendors, more than 260 places, cleaned up the noise and nuisance 16 places, cracked down on 10 illegal operation vehicles, stopped 15 fireworks and firecrackers, cleaned up 4 ground signs and announcements, dismantled 1 illegal construction of gas pipelines, cleaned up 4 ground signs and announcements.To effectively crack down on illegal ice-breaking fishing, strengthen inspection of Daliangzi Village, wetland park, district government gate, municipal government gate, grand Theater and other points to protect the ecological environment.Six md were collected, more than 500 metres of banned nets were destroyed, 34 ice caves were backfilled and more than 70 pieces of publicity materials were distributed on site.Fourth, clean and tidy, a new look.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the integrated operation company was deployed in advance to clean the streets comprehensively and completely remove white pollutants and sanitary dead spots.On the damaged road, lighting, greening a comprehensive inspection, the cumulative maintenance of 30 square meters of roadway, kerb 36 meters, maintenance of the guardrail 122 meters.110 cubic meters of occupied sand piles were cleared, 14 car blocking piles were repaired, 233 street lamps were repaired and replaced, 1047 broken branches were cleared, 123 floating objects on trees were cleared, 48 debris on green land were cleared, 10,520 square meters of debris in bushes were cleared, and 7 floating objects on trees were cleared.All parks in the new district carried out a thorough cleaning, managing the roads and square garbage in the park, cleaning a total of about 830,000 square meters, collecting and transporting 1.1 tons of household garbage, hanging lanterns in the park square, creating a festive atmosphere, with a new environmental appearance to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Tiger.At the same time, from The New Year’s Eve to the sixth day, cleaning staff day, bus stations, supermarkets, commercial blocks and other large flow of people to increase cleaning efforts.