Liaoning team third stage ten games fresh out, four tough, but the first position is still firm

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Liaoning team played very well in the first and second stages of the regular season, winning almost every game and losing only three games.Especially double kill strong opponents – three consecutive champions of guangdong team, team morale soared.Liaoning team is considered by fans to be the most promising team to win the CBA championship in this season, no matter from the regular season performance or the lineup, especially from the second stage of Guangdong team’s performance, Liaoning team is more confident to win the CBA championship.Of course, this is only part of the fans’ vision, in fact, Liaoning team is facing great pressure, the current Team with 25 wins and 3 losses, on the league top, from the third stage of the competition, Liaoning team regular season champion is relatively stable.What are the opponents that liaoning team faces in the third stage?Liaoning had two games in the third phase against a strong Zhejiang team.Zhejiang team is currently ranked fourth in the league, but Zhejiang team is also recognized as a strong team, strength is not general.Zhejiang team is a team based on fast attack tactics, the attack is very fierce.First, this benefits from the relatively strong guard line of Zhejiang team, especially the attack of wu Qian, Cheng Shuaipeng, Wang Yibo, Lu Wenbo and other defenders, with high efficiency.Second, zhejiang team’s outside scoring ability is strong, especially when zhejiang team’s outside three points open, scoring speed is very terrible.But zhejiang team is an obvious advantage, shortcomings are also very obvious a team, the tactics on the field is not much, often see Zhejiang team playing fans should also know, a lot of time is around Wu Qian this point to arrange tactics.Often see such a scene, the rest of the Zhejiang team four players often hold the ball to find Wu before, such offensive and defensive intent is too obvious.So a lot of strong teams in the face of Zhejiang team, the first is to wu Qian targeted defense, pressure Wu Qian basic pressure zhejiang team artery.From the perspective of the game of last season – the playoffs double Chinese, liaoning triumph over Chinese actually problem also is not particularly difficult, after all, as a defender of pg and Zhao Jiwei are the league’s top defenders, the field control and scoring ability is one of the top, if the liaoning can sink, the third stage double Chinese also is possible, but the process can be very difficult.Second, Shanghai team against the sharks have two games this season by recruiting has introduced a large number of excellent players, zhelin wang, let Shanghai have the height of the inside, and Ren Junwei joining and let the team’s attack more, give attention to two or morethings foreign aid franklin and feng is to let his team’s overall strength has improved a level,Li Chunjiang’s joining is the Shanghai team has a real brain.Shanghai, which didn’t even make the playoffs last season, has become a force to be reckoned with in the league.Liaoning will have a tough game against a strong Shanghai team.In the last game of the second stage, Guangdong team was defeated against Shanghai Team.Liaoning team want to beat Shanghai team is not easy, from the lineup, Shanghai team is really strong enough, especially foreign aid feng Lai this point is quite a deterrent, if the third stage Franklin can recover, it will be more frightening.Liaoning team is the most strained foreign aid, although Ferg and Morland have certain ability, but in liaoning team often failed to play results.Against Shanghai team these two games, liaoning team is estimated to win a large probability to lose a game.The possibility that wants double kill Shanghai team is extremely low.Sichuan will have two matches against Sichuan, Qingdao and Jiangsu. Liaoning will have two matches against these teams, but there will be no pressure and no chance of an upset as there is a huge difference in strength between sichuan and Jiangsu.Against the three teams, Liaoning team probability is mainly training, let the main team one by one rest, prepare for the playoffs.Liaoning team at the top of the record, the main players are tired enough, taking advantage of these gaps, let the main rest, is a great good.From the third stage of the schedule, Liaoning team is very likely to win the regular season championship, but the regular season championship does not mean the CBA championship, Beijing team in the marbury era, the regular season was not the first, but still won the CBA championship, and three titles in four years.Liaoning also won the regular season championship several times, but only one CBA championship.Liaoning team below several teams are not vegetarian, no problem of the strong team, especially the champion team Guangdong, although now ranked the fifth, but the complete strength of the lineup, and Liaoning team is about the same.