Selfless dedication, played the most beautiful movement of Spring Festival travel

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10 January 31, 2022:25 zhuhai north station stationmaster luo, when working on the security control beside AnJianJi transport belt, find a passenger left black apple mobile phone, after asking passengers around, unclaimed, he immediately take intercom call passenger attendant Ren Wenyu inform wicket and passenger steward broadcasting platform for her lost items of the owner,The owner of the lost phone was finally found before the C7622 train left the station. Luo Yong, the station master, immediately rushed to platform 2 to return the phone to the owner and took the phone back. The owner was so happy that she held the phone in her hands and said, “Thank you so much for adding warmth to my trip.Act of collecting, reflected as a party member of the power of the vanguard, always put the interests of passengers in the first place, at the same time demonstrated a communist party member’s consciousness of service, wholeheartedly for the people of the plain color, heart is passenger transfer positive energy, let all start from zhuhai north station passenger experience warm happy and harmonious, warm, safe travel.No flowers, no applause, only persistence, as the railway people have been quietly dedicated.No warm fire at home, no family reunions, only responsibility and persistence in work.”Sacrifice the ego, fulfill the ego” they dedicated their feelings to warm the way home for millions of passengers.They may not have any great achievements, but they write great with ordinary, with dedication interpretation of responsibility, played the most beautiful movement of Spring Festival travel.The Spring Festival is not without Spring Festival transport, Spring Festival transport is not without trains, trains are not without the dedication of countless railway people.They’re on the train, in the duty room, on the tracks.They sacrifice their own and family members of the opportunity to sweat water the Spring Festival safety tree evergreen, more interpretation of the “people’s railway for the people” purpose of work, countless railways for the Spring Festival transport for the people of the whole country handed over a full mark answer.(By Liu Xiangqi)