It’s good to be on Vacation

2022-06-23 0 By

Early in the morning, I was still asleep, feel a small hand in pulling my ears, and elegant voice tong qi said: “lazy bug get up, the sun grandpa spanked”!I opened my eyes and realized my son was teasing me!I immediately sat up, took my son in my arms, kissed him and said: Good morning, son!Son narrowed up a pair of big eyes fine, looked at me in god fan smile, and pointed to my face with little finger, suddenly laughed more than, then I realized, my face must be out of the situation, son gave me a mirror, I can not help laughing, the original is a beloved wife’s prank, gave me a face!This is my warm home, only, also only, in the day off will enjoy!Written on: 2022, 02, 07