The number of new confirmed cases has rebounded

2022-06-23 0 By

Geneva, March 16 (Xinhua) –The number of new COVID-19 cases worldwide rebounded for the first time since late January in the week ending Monday, up 8% from the previous week, according to the Who’s weekly report on the pandemic released on Monday.More than 11 million new COVID-19 cases were reported worldwide in the week from July 7 to 13.More than 43,000 new deaths were reported, down 17 percent from the previous week.Among the world’s six regions divided by WHO, the western Pacific region saw the largest increase in new cases this week, with 29 percent. The biggest drop was in Southeast Asia, which saw a 21 percent drop from the previous week.The number of new deaths rose by 12 per cent only in the western Pacific, with declines everywhere else, led by a 49 per cent decline in the eastern Mediterranean.The countries reporting the most new cases this week were South Korea, Vietnam, Germany, the Netherlands and France.Who held a press conference on September 9 to confirm that the so-called “Deltacoronavirus” virus strain, a recombination of the novel Coronavirus Delta and Omicron strains, has emerged in France, the Netherlands and Denmark.Maria van Kerkerhoff, technical director of who’s Health Emergencies program, told a news conference that no changes in epidemiology or severity have been detected from the strain, but a lot of research is being done.Who rules say that once a strain is placed in the “need for concern” category, it stays there no matter how the extent of transmission changes.In view of current epidemiological trends, WHO decided on July 7 to further classify the strains of “concern” and “concern”, such as “circulating strains of concern”, “previously circulating strains of concern”, and so on.The transmission of the novel Coronavirus alpha, beta and gamma strains classified as a “concern” has declined significantly in the past six months, with few cases reported in the past 90 days, who said. They have therefore been classified as a “previously circulating strain of concern” by WHO on Tuesday.Delta and Omicron strains are included in the “circulating strains of concern” category.On the same day, the “watch out” mutated strains Ramda and Miu were added to the “watch out for previously circulating strains” because no cases had been reported in the past 90 days.According to the latest data on the WEBSITE of the Who, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world rose by 1,413,309 to 45,8479,635 as of 17:56 Cet on Sunday (00:56 GMT on Saturday).The number of deaths rose by 3,805 to 6,047,653.