What is the truth about the three great unsolved mysteries of world War II

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Hello, everyone, I’m Guan Zhi. Today we continue our series of unsolved mysteries and talk about the unsolved mysteries of world War II. As we all know, World War II was undoubtedly cruel, but there is no denying that World War II objectively promoted the development of science and technology.Such as: aviation technology, atomic energy, heavy artillery, etc., have leap-forward progress, but in addition to these things on the surface, World War II also left a lot of mysteries to people, such as: Nazi clock, earth axis and so on!Although I do not know whether it is true or false, but also left infinite space for people to imagine.In today’s programme, I’ve put together a list of the top three unsolved mysteries of world War II.The first:Giant battle that hit the Solomon islands, Solomon is during the second world war, the Pacific is the most important battle, in 1942, Japan launched the Solomon islands invasion, and built on the island naval and air bases, and they did so, it is to provide for the rear of the construction of the large base defense,And wants to cut shipping links between the United States, Australia and New Zealand.But when the Japanese landed on the Solomon Islands, they often encountered a giant, hairy hominid.It is said that these primitive people, each more than three meters tall, covered with brown reddish hair, had great strength.They are not afraid of bullets, which makes them a nightmare for the Japanese. It is not clear whether this is true or not, but there are many legends of giants on Solomon Island, and even today many people claim to have seen giants.Second, the mystery of Hitler’s death on May 9, 1945, Germany declared unconditional surrender, eventually won by the Allies in the war for a lead in Europe, world war ii in the German surrender period of more than a week ago, Hitler and his new wife Eva, in Berlin in the basement of the suicide, and let the adjutant doused with gasoline, and burned their bodies,And buried in a cannonball pit in the courtyard.That was the story of Hitler’s death, but even now there are still people who believe that Hitler did not die at the time, but fled into hiding!This is because the adjutant who burned Hitler said that Hitler shot himself in the mouth.Hitler was killed by a pistol shot in the temple, according to a book later written by Hitler’s guard captain.Moreover, according to the later identification, according to the identification of the blood left on the sofa of Hitler’s suicide, it was not blood, but a similar color of liquid, and the blood shape of the burned body did not match Hitler, which seemed to prove that Hitler was not dead at that time.On December 5, 1945, 14 pilots of five U.S. Navy Grumman CORPORATION TBM Avenger torpedo bombers departed from an air force base in Florida for an exercise.It had been planned that the five planes would complete the exercise in three hours, but suddenly the skies, which had been clear, darkened, first by compass failure, then by the failure of the plane’s navigation and instrument panel.The pilot’s leader, Taylor, had never experienced anything like this before, though he had 2,500 hours of flying experience. He immediately radioed the base and said, “We’re in a fog, our compass is dead, and I’m trying to find Fort Lauderdale, but I’m not doing it.”But the radio signal was erratic, and then we lost contact.19 squadron disappeared, so where did the five planes go?It is said that in 1948, 5 US military planes suddenly appeared on the beaches of northern Mexico, and these 5 planes were the 19 Squadron that had disappeared, but I looked it up on the Internet and said it was a rumor!Some people make up eye-catching stories.All right!I am the only one. That’s it for today. See you next time.