Xinjiang men’s basketball latest news!Adjiang sudden injury, Qi Linxi award, 25 starting shunde

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Beijing time on February 16, according to local media reports, involves the Internet, a jiang guidance because of a foot injury reason, will replace Juan took topic of xinjiang, the media people “Lu Pengru responded,” he said, to guide the foot injury is found during the second stage of the competition in the changchun division, because intensive fixtures, there has been no choice treatment.Aditjiang returned to Urumqi after a short adjustment, examination and treatment.At present, due to the inconvenience of mobile, there are few trainings and activities attended by the team, but this has not affected the preparation for the third stage of the team.In this regard, xinjiang men’s basketball team still has a chance to fight for the playoffs in the third stage, and the management is unlikely to change the head coach, especially from the perspective of time. It is only half a month before the third stage of the new season starts, and Juan, the net passer, has only been in Xinjiang men’s basketball team for 2-3 months.It is quite difficult to adapt to the staffing and tactical system of Xinjiang men’s basketball team in a short time. In this respect, There is no big problem with Adjiang’s physical condition. He will follow the team to the third stage of the regular season and make a final impact on the playoffs.It is reported that xinjiang men’s basketball recently held a New Year’s party, Qi Lin’s prize is indeed a 55-inch color TV.The 23-year-old was delighted to win the jackpot, according to pictures of him accepting the award.For Qi Lin, the new season has been up and down a lot. In the first stage, due to the lack of qualified inside players and the configuration of the all-Chinese squad, he was pushed to the tactical configuration of the no.2 player in the team, which did not achieve the expected effect and once endured a great controversy.In the second phase, with the addition of Motrie, the inside line can solve the problem, and Qi Lin’s condition continues to improve, whether he can lead the team to attack the playoff spot, deeply expected by the outside world.Xinjiang men’s basketball team is still conducting closed training in Xinjiang. Due to the extremely difficult operation of small foreign aid and the management of the team concerned with the results of the new season, there are no hard and fast requirements. Basically, the existing team will finish the whole new season, and if there are no special accidents, they will go to Shunde on 25th of this month.Before the departure, the club will hold a fan meeting, the specific time and place to wait for the official announcement.