Heilongjiang Suifenhe city part of the region to adjust for the middle risk area

2022-06-24 0 By

On January 27, 2022, this reporter learned from the COVID-19 Prevention and control Emergency Headquarters of Suifenhe City, Heilongjiang Province that according to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, after comprehensive expert research and judgment, suifenhe City Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters decided to adjust the risk level of some regions in Suifenhe City. The following announcement is hereby made:From now on, the city of Suifenhe Longquan Wenyuan Building 8, Qiyuan Jiayuan C area, xin Yi Pure grain and oil company in the area is adjusted as a medium risk area.(CCTV reporter Zhang Yixin) (source: CCTV News client) For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.